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[webdirectory-search advanced_open=1 category=11 field_event_type="7" field_methods_of_payment="0,3,6,7"
address="1600 Amphitheatre Parkway Mountain View, CA 94043" radius="25" field_price_min="10" field_price_max="110" field_event_date_min="24.05.2015" field_event_date_max="24.12.2018"]
- default search values for category, address and other content fields. Advanced search block is opened by default.

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[webdirectory-search show_keywords_search="0" show_categories_search="0" show_where_search="0" search_fields="16,17,11"] - hide following search fields: category, keywords and whole "where" search block. Display only needed Event Date, Price, Event Type.


[webdirectory-search show_categories_search="0" show_where_search="0" search_fields=-1 search_fields_advanced=-1] - hide categories search and whole "where" search block and all content fields. Leave only search by keywords.


Whole list of [webdirectory-search] shortcode parameters here.