Advanced settings

This settings tab places on "Directory Admin -> Directory settings" page.

JavaScript & CSS

Include directory JS and CSS files on all pages - sometimes it is required to enable this option.

Enable lightbox slideshow - this adds functionality to watch listings images as full size animated slideshow. Also may be disabled in order to avoid conflicts with other javascript slideshow plugins.

Do not include jQuery UI CSS - some themes and 3rd party plugins include own jQuery UI CSS - this may cause conflicts in styles.


Overwrite WordPress page title by directory page title - some themes do not allow this or may cause issues.

Prevent users to see media items of another users - by default WordPress allows users to manage ANY attachments owned by other users at the backend dashboard panel. This option prevent such behaviour.

Enable autocomplete on addresses fields - disable if you are using predefined locations tree and do not want to see country, city, e.t.c. in the input autocomplete field.

Enable "Get my location" button on addresses fields - enable/disable geolocation button on addresses fields. Requires HTTPS.

reCaptcha settings

reCaptcha is used on contact listing owner forms and frontend submission form. You may get your reCAPTCHA API Keys here

WPML Settings

This section appears when WPML plugin is active.

Force WPML language on maps - ignore the browser's language setting and force it to display information in a particular WPML language.

Enable frontend translations management (this is frontend submission addon setting) - enable/disable management of translations on users frontend dashboard.


This section appears when WooCommerce plugin is active and directory plugin payments addon disabled. Additional information you can find in WooCommerce section.

WooCommerce payments for the directory - enable this option to use Woocommerce payment system along with Web 2.0 Directory plugin.

On checkout page subscription enabled by default - the setting for WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin. With WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin installed - directory would be able to create subscriptions for listings with limited active period (not eternal listings) to charge users for their listings through some period of time, e.g. daily, monthly, annually. By default on checkout page "enable subscription" empty checkbox appears, with enabled setting, this checkbox will be checked.