This settings tab places on "Directory Admin -> Directory settings" page.

This tab appears after activation of payments addon.

There is alternative payments system. You can use WooCommerce payments. It has lots of advantages and features based on WooCommerce plugin power.

General payments setting

Currency - the list of possible currencies used for payments.

Following settings are not related to price content fields. To see content fields settings - click on "Configure" link near price content field.

Currency symbol or code - this symbol or code will appear on frontend/backend pages.

Currency symbol or code position - choose preferred position of currency symbol/code.

Decimal separator - decimal separator of price value, possible values: dot or comma.

Hide decimals in levels price table - show/hide decimals (cents) on levels price table at the frontend.

Thousands separator - the separator for thousands, millions, billions, ... Possible values: no separator, dot, comma or space.

Sales tax

Enable taxes - enable/disable taxes functionality.

Selling company information - this information will appear on invoice page.

Tax name - abbreviation, e.g. "VAT".

Tax rate - insert tax rate in percents.

Include or exclude value added taxes - do you want prices on the website to be quoted including or excluding value added taxes?

Bank transfer settings

Allow bank transfer - allow users to select "Bank transfer" payment method.

Bank transfer information - this information appear on print invoice page. Provide whole instructions and payment requisite.

PayPal settings

Business email - PayPal merchant email.

Allow single payment - when this option is checked - "PayPal" payment gateway available.

Allow subscriptions - when this option is checked - "PayPal subscription" payment gateway available. Only for listings with limited active period. Look at additional information.

Test Sandbox mode - allows to test the process of payment using PayPal sandbox credentials. You must have a PayPal Sandbox account setup before using this feature.

Stripe settings

Test secret key

Test publishable key

Live secret key

Live publishable key

The publishable key is used to generate credit card tokens and should be included with the HTML form. The secret key is used for all other API calls on the server-side.

Test Sandbox mode - Before activating your account, you can only interact with Stripe in test mode. With the exception of the ability to make a real charge to a credit card, all of Stripe's features are available in test mode.