Sorting settings

Following settings place on Pages & Views settings tab of the "Directory Admin -> Directory settings" page.

Show "order by" options - show/hide sorting options.

Allow sorting by date - switch on/off sorting by date.

Allow sorting by title - switch on/off sorting by title.

Allow sorting by distance when search by radius - "Distance" option link will appear when user searches listings by distance.

Default order by - select by which parameter listings will be ordered by default.

Default order direction - select "ascending" or "descending" direction.

Exclude listings with empty values from sorted results - content fields those weren't filled in become empty after listing save, with enabled setting sorting by content field will exclude such listings from sorted results.

Sticky and featured listings always will be on top - when switched off - sticky and featured listings will be on top only when listings were sorted by date. When enabled - sticky and featured listings will be on top sorting by title, rating, additional content fields, except search by radius. When user searches listings in radius - default sorting is by distance from center point.

More information about sorting.

Some content fields types, like date-time, number, price, text string types, have own setting to allow order by these fields.