Sorting of listings

Each frontend page that displays the list of listings has "Order by" set of links, of course, if it was not disabled in settings. Clicking sorting links allows to change order direction from ascending to descending and vice versa.

By default on the top appear sticky and featured listings only when they are sorted by date, in another case they are sorted exactly by title, rating, additional content fields values, but there is such option "Sticky and featured listings always will be on top" on Pages & Views settings tab. So it is additional tool for business model of the directory site - place listings of sticky or featured levels higher than other listings. Then at the second stage each list sorts by date (here may be useful "raise up listings" feature), except search by radius page. When user searches listings in radius - default sorting is by distance from center point.

Some content fields types, like date-time, number, price, text string types have own setting to allow order by these fields. You may find special sorting settings including "Default order by" setting on Pages & Views settings tab.

When ratings addon enabled - in the "Order by" set of links appears new option to order by listings rating.

Sticky listings have higher priority under featured and other listings.