Demo data import

Tips to install demo content on the “Ratings Admin -> Demo data import” page:

  1. Demo Data Import tool will help you to install some demo content reviews and sample pages.
  2. Each time you click import button – it creates new set of reviews and pages. Avoid duplicates.
  3. With activated WooCommerce plugin demo reviews will be created for some products of the shop.
  4. Import will not add pages in your navigation menus.
  5. This is not 100% copy of the demo site. Just gives some examples of the shortcodes usage. Final view and layout depends on your theme options.

When you migrate your richtext reviews from Web 2.0 Directory plugin for WordPress, you can easily convert W2DC reviews with ratings into Ratings & Reviews plugin. The button “Import W2DC reviews” will appear when Web 2.0 Directory plugin activated and has any richtext reviews.