Ratings & Reviews plugin ready for use in any languages. The languages/ folder contains W2RR_en_US.po file, which is used for translations. The process of translation is quite similar to modifying texts with Poedit application. The only difference is that before translation you need to duplicate W2RR-en_US.po file and give a name to new file according to following rules:

  1. Make a copy of the W2RR-en_US.po file and rename it to W2RR-WP_LOCALE.po according to your WP Locale
  2. Example for the Portuguese Brazil language: W2RR-pt_BR.po
    — pt_BR – is the WP Locale, it means Portuguese (Brazil) language
    — you’ll have to fill in with your own language, the list of WordPress locales here
  3. On WordPress Settings -> General page select needed site language.
  4. Every time you save translated W2RR-WP_LOCALE.po file, PoEdit automatically generates file, which is the one WordPress uses and basically the only one you need to upload to your site.
  5. Upload generated file and saved W2RR-WP_LOCALE.po file to your site into wp-content/languages/plugins/ folder. You can use FTP client or FTP manager of your hosting.