Before troubleshooting clear cache of your browser and cache on your site, if any caching system is used.

Most of issues with the maps plugin are caused by wrong configuration in the settings, so the best solution is to look through plugin settings and set up them correctly. Another issues can be easily fixed by following below instructions.

The plugin follows WordPress coding standards and compatible with all themes and plugins, those follow the same standards. But in some cases problems might be caused by a conflict with your theme or another plugin. The very first step to find the reason of this conflict is to test your site with another theme and/or disable all plugins one by one. If you are not able to change your WP theme or disable conflicting plugin, then you can try to find a setting related to current problem, that can fix it.

Problems with the radius search, maps, address fields autocomplete

The most frequent reason is Google API keys. Please follow instructions on how to generate them and enable needed APIs in Google console.

To test server API key you can visit debug page and check geolocation response. Debug page is placed on your site by similar URL

Problems with emails sending

Exemplary symptoms: users do not receive login details after first submission. Users do not receive notification emails. Admin does not receive notification emails. Emails go to spam folder.

First of all check if needed notifications templates are filled in and not empty on emails notifications settings tab.

If notifications templates are filled in, but you still have problems with emails sending, this means, that your mail server on your site has wrong configuration. Try to install and configure SMTP plugin like this one WP Mail SMTP plugin.

How to register?

Question: There is only login form. I do not see how users can register at the site to submit or claim a listing. Where is registration form?

Answer: This is because you disabled registration in WordPress settings of your site. Check "Anyone can register" option on the WordPress Settings -> General page. Registration link will appear below the login form.

Errors in javascript console of the browser

Javascript errors could break different parts of functionality of the plugin: images gallery, radius slider, content fields, search forms and so on. To see errors open browser console by pressing F12 and refresh the page.
Usually javascript errors could be caused by 3rd party plugins or installed theme. Sometimes another plugin or your theme tries to "format" the output of maps plugin, this also can give odd behaviour due to unnecessary tags in page markup, like paragraphs, divs or spans tags. The only way to fix this - to look through plugins/theme settings and find an option to disable "formatting".