Listing live cycle

Listing submission starts on the choose level page. How to build choose level pages explained here.

After successfull frontend submission listing gets one of the following statuses:

  1. unpaid - Pending payment - when listing requires payment
  2. active - Pending approval - when enabled pre-moderation of listings (this setting is on General settings tab). Listing already might be paid.
  3. active - when listing does not require payment and pre-moderation was not enabled. So listing becomes active and published automatically.
  4. expired status listing gets when active period of listing has ended. Listing has special option to renew, renewal can be payment for users.

    Also listings level can be set up in a special way to change level after expiration automatically.
    Site admin can build such business model, when after expiration of listing of free level it will be suspended and moved to payment level. So it is some kind of trial period, users will have to pay after free period to activate their listings.

When listing requires payment - after submission it redirects to invoice page at the Frontend dashboard page. A page with [webdirectory-dashboard] shortcode required.