Manage directory title and permalinks structure at the General Settings tab of "Directory Admin -> Directory Settigns" page.

Directory title - this string will appear in the title of all frontend pages related with the directory plugin. This could be overwritten by WP SEO by Yoast plugin.

Sticky listing label - easy to change word "STICKY" in this setting.

Featured listing label - easy to change word "FEATURED" in this setting.

Notice about slugs:
You can manage listings, categories, locations and tags slugs in listings directories setting.

Listings permalinks structure - set up permalinks structure of single listings pages. Examples of listings URLs:


/%postname%/ works only when directory page is not front page.

When one of following structures was activated: /%listing_slug%/%category%/%postname%/, /%listing_slug%/%location%/%postname%/ and /%listing_slug%/%tag%/%postname%/ - only first category, location or tag of the listing is used as a slug.

in above examples /directory/ - is the slug of directory page with main [webdirectory] shortcode. You can change it on this page edition screen. /business-listing/, /business-category/, /business-place/, /business-tag/ - these are listing, category, location and tag slugs, manage them in listings directories settings. In appropriate permalinks structures they are required and can not be removed from URLs.