Maps & Markers Icons

Markers Icons depends on the type selected in directory settings, Font Awesome icons and PNG images.

Frontend page may render empty map when there aren't any listings with assigned locations and defined markers. It is possible to disable maps on index or excerpt pages on Maps & Addresses tab of directory settings page.

Here is simple example of how Google map looks with custom marker icons and radius search cycle:

Attention to the left side search panel. Visitors can search listings and view map markers directly on the map plus a list of found listings below search form.

When "Custom markers on google map" level setting is checked - in listings creation/edition page users are able to select custom marker icons.

On the listings creation/edition page there is an option to set marker coordinates (latitude and longitude) manually or by drag & drop of existing marker by mouse.

Clicking "Generate on google map" button processes targeting and compiling of addresses to render markers on the map.

The map on main directory pages (with [webdirectory] shortcode) follows settings from built-in settings panel. But [webdirectory-map] shortcode has a bunch of own parameters. With this shortcode you can configure what to display and how to display on a separate map for you needs. This separate map can be connected with a search form and/or listings by "uID" parameter in shortcode.

Complete list of [webdirectory-map] shortcode parameters you can find here.