This option becomes available only when Payments addon was enabled. Instead of plugin's payments addon you may use WooCommerce payments system with all its advantages.

When listing requires payment - after submission it redirects to invoice page at the Frontend dashboard page. This requires Frontend submission & dashboard addon to be enabled and a page with [webdirectory-dashboard] shortcode must be created.
Only registered and logged in users can pay invoice.

After activation of Payments addon - on directory settings page Payments settings tab will appear with payments settings.

Invoices management page appears at the backend. Through the frontend dashboard page authors have access only to their own invoices, administrators have permissions to manage any invoices at the backend.

Invoice log box contains information about payment transactions including failed transactions. Look at invoice log to get more information when payment on PayPal/Stripe side completed, but invoice still has Unpaid status.

Each invoice has one of following statuses: unpaid, pending or paid. Invoice item - is an object to which this invoice belongs to.

There are 5 types of payment services:

  • listings activation - this type of service available for subscription and one time payment. After successful payment the listing status becomes “active” and displays at the frontend.
  • listings renewal - this type of service available for subscription and one time payment. This feature processes directory listing renewal. After renew process was completed successfully the listing status becomes “active” and the system sets new expiration date.
  • listings raise up - this is the service for one time payment. This feature will raise up the listing to the top of all lists, those ordered by date. For more information look at the sorting section.
  • listings upgrade – this is one time payment service. Charge users if they wish to upgrade their simple listings to featured or sticky.
  • listings claim – after successful approval of claim new owner need to pay to renew the listing.

Users are allowed to process some actions with invoices, such as print invoice with all assigned information or reset selected gateway. Also there is special action button "Set as paid" only for administrators. This allows to set up invoice status as paid manually and processes further actions. Usually this needed to complete invoices with chosen "Bank transfer" payment gateway.

Available payment gateways:

  • PayPal - this method for one time payment.
  • PayPal subscription - users may use this method to process automatic recurring payments. Look at additional information below.
  • Stripe - a beautiful, optimized, cross-device, payment form. Stripe subscriptions option is not available.
  • Bank transfer - this is semi-automatic method of payment. User selects this method, prints invoice, transfers the payment to vendor, then when site administrator will receive payment - he will manually set invoice as paid by special action button "Set as paid".

PayPal Subscriptions

Using this payment gateway directory listings owners do not need to prolong their ads each time they have been expired. They may choose to create subscription and pay automatically by recurring cycle. PayPal subscriptions available only for listings, those do not have eternal (unlimited) active period. Subscription period becomes equal to active period of the listing.

PayPal single payment and PayPal subscriptions require enabled permalinks on WordPress "Settings -> Permalinks" page.