Search system has flexible tools to build any search form for your directory. Look at the Search Forms -> Search Forms page at the admin backend, following elements available by default:
Keywords, Search button, Reset button, More filters, Categories, Locations, Tags, Ratings checkboxes. Address and Radius available when maps service enabled and configured properly (Google Maps or MapBox).

Also it is possible to create additional elements as content fields of following types: select, checkbox, radio, price, number, string, textarea, phone and datetime. Create content fields at the Directory Admin -> Content fields page.

Drag and drop elements through the builder panel, set needed number of columns (up to 5 columns available), add placeholders. Make elements wider or narrower by left/right arrow buttons. Make elements placeholder taller/lower by up/down buttons. All this allows to make beautiful layout and position elements as you wish.

Complete search form and use it as directory search form in the Search settings:

Also [webdirectory-search] shortcode uses certain search form by its ID, like [webdirectory-search form_id=124]