Frontend submission and dashboard

These are additional settings for frontend submission, they become available when "Frontend submission & dashboard addon" was enabled.

Select frontend submission login mode -

  • login required - logged in users have an ability to manage their listings, invoices and profile on the frontend dashboard page.
  • necessary to fill in user info form - user info form asks user to fill in his name and email fields. After successful submission WordPress creates new user profile. If user with entered email already exists in the system - it isn't required to create new profile and listing will just be assigned with existed user. Later admin may manage and contact new user when needed. For new user registration email with automatically generated password will be sent.
  • not necessary to fill in user info form - the same behaviour as for previous option, but it is not required to enter contact info. For empty contact form the system creates anonymous user profile. Registration email will be sen onlyt when user enters his email.
  • do not even show user info form
  • - WordPress creates new anonymous user profile in the system, but no login information will be sent, just because there is no email to send.

Enable pre-moderation of listings - moderation will be required for all listings even after payment.

Enable moderation after a listing was modified - with enabled moderation listing status become pending.

Hide choose level page - when all listings levels are similar and all has packages of listings, user do not need to choose level to submit when he already has a package, so you can enable this option. Choose level page will be skipped only when user is logged in and has available listings in his package.

Enable submit listing button - show/hide submission button on directory pages. In some cases web developers can place own custom submission link or button somewhere else, for instance in main menu of a site. Also the page with [webdirectory-submit] shortcode is required to show this button.

Hide top admin bar at the frontend for regular users - when this option enabled - regular user will never see backend of your site. It is recommended to enable when you have the page with [webdirectory-dashboard] shortcode.

Allow users to manage own profile at the frontend dashboard - enable this option if you wish your users to manage own profile at the frontend dashboard page.

Enable listings tags input at the frontend - during listing creation/edition you may hide tags input.

Require Terms of Services on submission page? - select or create new WordPress page containing your TOS agreement and assign it using this setting.

Use custom login page for listings submission process - when submission requires login - user has to login using default login form. But web developer can use 3rd party plugin to make custom login page and then assign it with submission process using this setting.

Use custom login page for login into dashboard - the same as previous setting. Assign custom login page for frontend dashboard.