Maps & Addresses

This settings tab places on "Directory Admin -> Directory settings" page.

[webdirectory-map] shortcode and map widget do not follow some of these settings (they follow only when they were set up to be a part of custom home page). They have own parameters to configure.

Map type

Select map engine - 2 map engines available Google Maps and Mapbox:

  1. Google Maps - since 2018 Google Maps is no longer free. You must enable billing with a credit card and have a valid API key for all of your projects

    This allows to get free usage of near 28K maps services requests monthly.

  2. MapBox - has limit 50.000 maps services requests of free usage without need to enable billing with a credit card.

Google Maps Settings

Google browser API key - get your Google API key here, following APIs must be enabled in the console: Google Maps Directions API, Google Maps JavaScript API and Google Static Maps API.

Google server API key - get your Google API key here, following APIs must be enabled in the console: Google Maps Geocoding API and Google Places API Web Service.

How to create Google API keys you can find here.

Directions functionality - built-in onsite routing or redirect to build routes on Google Maps service (tablet and mobile devices may use own maps applications)

Google Maps style - ability to set custom Google Map style, by default there are 10 map styles, information about map styles stores in php array in "/classes/maps/google_maps_styles.php" file.

MapBox Maps Settings

MapBox Access Token - get your MapBox Access Token here.

MapBox Maps style - default 10 map styles.

MapBox Custom Map Style - Will be used instead of native styles. Example mapbox://styles/shamalli/cjhrfxqxu3zki2rmkka3a3hkp

General Maps Settings

Show map on index page - whether to show the map on index (home) directory page.

Show map on excerpt page - whether to show the map on excerpt directory pages: search, categories, locations pages.

How many map markers to display on the map - choose what map markers to display: the only map markers of visible listings will be displayed on current page or all map markers.

Show directions panel for individual listing map - frontend users may pave the route on the map and get the list of directions for selected location separately, note that there may be more than one location of each listing.

Default map zoom level (for submission page) - this zoom level is used during listing submission, the range is 1-19. 1 - the lowest zoom (whole world), 19 - the highest zoom (individual buildings, if available).

Default map height (in pixels) - default map height on main directory pages.

Show cycle during radius search - by this option you may hide red transparent cycle that appears on map during locations search in radius.

Enable clusters of map markers - when checked - map markers will be grouped in clusters.

Make map markers mandatory during submission of listings - when checked - listing must have at least one map marker.

Enable default user Geolocation - this functionality requires HTTPS enabled.

Default zoom level - recommended to keep it 'Auto', so map will zooms to display all available markers in the map window.

Maps controls settings

Enable Draw Panel - users can draw a shape on the map and find map markers inside drawn area. Very important: MySQL version must be 5.6.1 and higher or MySQL server variable "thread stack" must be 256K and higher. Ask your hoster about it if "Draw Area" does not work.

Show search form and listings panel on the map - search and display listings information directly on the left-side panel inside map window.

Enable full screen button - enable/disable full screen button.

Enable zoom by mouse wheel - this setting only for desktops.

Enable map dragging on touch screen devices - when enabled - users can zoom and pan by using two-finger movements on the map for touchscreen devices.

Center map on marker click - the map will center on marker.

Hide compact search form on the map for mobile devices - this setting will affect all maps: directory pages, map shortcodes, map widgets.

Addresses settings

Default country/state for correct geocoding - this value needed when you build local directory, all your listings place in one local area - country, state or city. This hidden string will be automatically added to the address for correct geocoding when users create/edit listings and when they search by address.

Order of address lines - order address elements as you wish, commas and spaces help to build address line.

Restriction of address fields for one specific country (autocomplete submission and search fields) - restrict autocomplete functionality by maps service only to one selected country or keep it worldwide.

Enable address line 1 field - enabled/disable address line 1 field in locations metaboxes.

Enable address line 2 field - enabled/disable address line 2 field in locations metaboxes.

Enable zip code - enabled/disable zip code field in locations metaboxes.

Enable additional info field - enabled/disable additional info field in locations metaboxes.

Enable manual coordinates fields - enabled/disable manual coordinates fields in locations metaboxes.

Map markers & InfoWindow settings

Type of Map Markers - 2 possible types:

  1. Font Awesome icons (recommended) - icons from the Font Awesome set will be used.
  2. PNG images - images files from "resources/images/map_icons/icons/" folder of the plugin. Site administrator can upload custom icons into "w2dc-plugin/resources/images/map_icons/icons/" folder of your child theme via the Files manager of hosting control panel or via FTP.
    The plugin uses only one folder for PNG icons: native folder or custom folder in your child theme when exists.

Using Font Awesome icons it is possible to select default icon and color of map marker. When "Custom markers on the map" option enabled in listings levels settings - users will be able to select specific icon for each marker. On "Directory listings -> Directory categories" page it is allowed to select specific marker icon and color for each category.

Other settings related to custom PNG images. Do not touch these settings if you do not know what they mean. Modification of these settings needed when you use own custom map markers icons with own sizes. If you are using custom markers PNG images, it is recommended, they all be of same size.